Shanghai Security Equipment Development Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai in March, 1998 according to relevant Shanghai People's Governmental notices. It is a full service, low voltage electrical contractor that offers expertise in custom design, installation, service and maintenance of security, communication and fire alarm systems.Shanghai Security customers can expect, attention to detail and excellent service. Our unparalleled customer satisfaction is achieved by providing quality products and services backed by trust and nearly a quarter century of experience.

With the ever imposing terrorist threat, burglary, robbery, corporate theft and vandalism growing greater day by day, the need for highly reliable and often sophisticated security systems and undercover surveillance continues to grow. Shanghai Security is a full line security & surveillance company offering an unrivalled choice and an integrated approach using specialized state-of-the-art products and systems for standard or customized applications and projects. When you hire Shanghai Security, you have chosen a company that can meet several of your electronic systems needs. Our skilled technical staff is competent whether working in an existing structure, or a new construction project. We can be retained on a consultation basis as Technical Advisors to assist your in-house labor force during system installation and either procure or recommend the equipment best suited to your needs.

During the past over 20 years we have been in business, we have acquired the necessary technical expertise to package high integrity security systems that are both user friendly, and highly reliable.You can be assured that you'll be dealing with a local professional who can respond quickly to your specific security needs. With proven quality and performance we are an ISO9001 registered company and has the first class Intelligence certificates for architecture industry enterprises issued by the Ministry of Construction and the Shanghai public security agency on specialized construction automated contracted projects and specialized contracted fire projects . Technical excellence and unsurpassed quality have always been and will remain the hallmark of Shanghai Security's commitment to the security industry and those it serves.


·Automated control of building equipment
·Comprehensive wiring system
·Satellite and Closed Circuit Television System
·Garage management
·First Alert Professional Security Systems
·Commercial & Residential Fire Alarm Systems
·Digital Recording Systems
·Remote Video Surveillance
·Networked Video & Web Distribution
·"one card" solution for door Access Control & Building Management System
·Telephone Entry Systems
·Fire/Smoke/Gas Early Warning Detection Systems And Sprinkler Supervision

·Central Station Monitoring (new and existing systems may be monitored)
·Environmental Monitoring
·Public Address Systems
·Fire Alarm Test & Inspection Programs
·Large LED Screen
·Preventive Maintenance & Service Contracts
·Full Time Administrative and Service Scheduling Personnel
·Weapons Detection Systems. X-ray machines, X-ray scanners, for embassies, offices and sensitive areas. Metal detectors, walk through metal   detectors, metal detectors for schools and hand held metal detectors. ? Exterior perimeter security Public Address Systems
·Microphones (wireless and cabled)
·Amplifiers, Mixers, & Musical Source Components
·In-Wall/Ceiling, Bookshelf, Satellite, Subwoofer, Center Channel & Floor Speakers
·Home Theater Stereo Equipment
·Video conference meeting system
·Convenient Showroom Hours
·24 Hour Service
·Free Estimates


Shanghai Security provides security integration services in all four major disciplines of security:

·   Construction Management

·   Installation inclusive of Quality Control & Review

·    Acceptance Testing and commissioning

·   As-Built Documentation


The key to a successful project is coordination.

Shanghai Security adheres to International work process standards for the highest possible Quality of Services, which helps assure the success of our clients through an ISO 9000 compliant formalized approach to project management. The approach includes the following elements:

·Highly qualified Project Managers to handle project logistics
·A Dedicated Client/Project Manager who Coordinates Project Logistics, Inter-discipline Coordination, Meeting Minutes and assuring Project     Schedule and maintaining the Client’s vision of the project throughout.
·Highly qualified Technical Manager to help assure compliance of designs, services and programs to the client’s best interests
·Standardized Work Process Tools
·Standardized Deliverables Processes

Our clients are our real and most valuable assets, as without them we wouldn't have grown to what we are today.


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